The red tape – long days

If you know me I lead a very busy life in my work juggling a few businesses at once: one being a software company and the other as a finance manager and operations manager. On top of all this still studying and auditioning for what I am hoping to achieve one day; the elusive (here comes the red carpet) drummmmmmmm rollllllllll: full time acting career!

I am not going to get into the details however the red tape that exists from government rules in my industry in automotive is so much that it might as well be closed to the public. Corporation bureaucracy also taping and sealing shut the borders of a. supposed free country.

At any rate after the stresses of a day I found myself at a mall to cool down and have a gander at the new stuff the stores are selling for this red hot spring, they are calling it the early summer sale. They had me at sale….

….In my new shirts and shorts I rolled along the escalator to the parkade but as I was searching for my car I heard my name “Colin Ronald Mah (yes the middle name is after a famous clown, probably why I’m terrified of the red nosed aloof) please report to guest services. “

I then scrambled through my shorts and yes that is correct wallet gone from my rogue silken dyed sporties. This came after about an hour of searching for my vehicle in which I absolutely could of swore was close to the elevator and not against a wall because I remembered thinking to myself that was a tight squeeze. After giving up on the search I decided to head to the mall and ask a kiosk where guest services was. After I went the wrong way a few times confused to the floor plan of the Giant merchandise harkened metro mall, I found my way to guest services and embraced the lovely Natalia, thank you!

After being examined and signing for my lost item. I proceeded to the search for my vehicle; the mystery unsolved. As I continued my journey with no luck I discovered a taxi driver parked for an afternoon nap and knocked on his window,”Hey are you waiting for anyone?” The driver jumps out of his seat quite a bit confused as to if he might be getting jumped by this Middle Aged man in a tank top and red shorts; surprised having a long day himself as we discussed .

He downed the window and let me pay to find my car. After a 15 dollar tab searching around the area I thought was the target, in each level, we finally decided to back track my entrance to the mall and viola! We found my bmw. I never realized how many similar looking cars there are in this town, nice work great cars! This all in a good days work. I should have remembered the red makings on the pillars…


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