The Seventh Medium Series

Colin R. Mah

Hello, welcome to my second series The Seventh Medium a Novel, stayed tuned for future updates!


On NuEarth a small Doodo bird escapes from a tree caught desperately on fire, as the land below is engulfed in flames, the bird escapes knowing his chances are slim because in Ethos travel in the air is risky due to the ‘wacky’ effects of the quantum world now affecting everything.

The Doodo bird squeaks as it knows it needs to find another place to nest quickly as it hones in on a treetop a sudden electrical charge and a zip-zap like a magical act the Doodo disappears out of the air, then just a few Earth seconds it reappears with the feathers colored in odd arrangements, it flies a few more wingspans then poof once again gone, this time never reappearing.

The flame ravages the landscape of millions of land plots of doomed farms overridden by Zanzibar’s mission to destroy the creature that killed Lam, his protege, and his son. The first medium bent to destroy the Universe and everything in it, now freed from his enslaving Zee seeks to build an Army, the largest Ethos has ever seen, using the Aura to bend his will, only one can stop him, but he does not know he is,

the Seventh Medium.

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