The Master of Puppets Series


Your not even gonna believe this, a mother fucker Came to my house. What happened? This is how it went down yo. Last night at 3 o’clock, out on the night we was in the club, come out at 2 o’clock check my pocket, I lost my wallet. Come home is an Uber, safe to…


Standing here, washing your feet on the floor. remembering how life used to be Death keeps knocking, knocking on heavens door. Straddling life with this paper thin delight, Tearing the veins of envies insatiable appetite, Broken toes of a preposterous ladder, To the rich go the spoils, egos fatter, it doesn’t matter because in the…

The red tape – long days

If you know me I lead a very busy life in my work juggling a few businesses at once: one being a software company and the other as a finance manager and operations manager. On top of all this still studying and auditioning for what I am hoping to achieve one day; the elusive (here…


Have you ever woken so early, With the birds sound asleep, sun on the other side of the world Watching fisherman’s oysters glimmer pearly. Ready for the weeks work ahead, Starring restlessly at the machines glowing screens, Waiting for the rest of the world, To begin a meeting of reminiscing treats; The good, the bad……

What do you wish you could do more every day? I wish I could help more people every day. With the busy world we live in and the high cost of living it seems impossible to have enough time to help and do things that are important. If only there were no such invention of…

How often do you say “no” to things that would interfere with your goals? As of late the answer ‘No’ has been resonating through my vocabulary in more ways than one; for example, I ordered Chinese food the other day and instead of BBQ pork I said no to the pork and yes to Beef!…

What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had? Ever since I was a child I have had a recurring dream about flying. Perhaps this is why I pursued a pilots license later on in life (but never continued of course). The dream would always entail some sort of new contraption designed…


Remote Traverse the universe from a far away place, It is the best way for When the day is done One can procure stringed boiled treats And lay on down, silken sheets. To watch the lights dance in order On a glass electrified border Of electrons and atoms Stirred together in a bowl Unless the…

The spark. A gathering of friends, One gone from end of life, light turns into day and day into night, along the tree line gorillas crawl under the dark shadowy brush, Red lit eyes look down upon a sullen man, filling his veins with a dead pan hand, struck with a foggy cloud of Euphoric Eros, Until eyes close the lingering smell quells the nose. Wave after wave sunder under sandy beaches, a stage is set, The edged kite drifts through the open sky light night like a dragon from a lingering distant past poised to strike. Starring through the smoky glass to a shadow in an outward hidden path, strangers creeping through rocky gardens below , lights wired to dance on the dreamy candle light lamp glow, floating lights scan wide pan targets in sights, mattress loaded with defensive knife, Sent to biasedly rupture body mind and sound, An electric spark dancing through the hazy air, lamps light up inside like a carnival ground. As the dose begins to fade waves coming again to a crews delight, a spark is what we made to the struggles of life.


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