Traverse the universe from a far away place,

It is the best way for

When the day is done

One can procure stringed boiled treats

And lay on down,

silken sheets.

To watch the lights dance in order

On a glass electrified border

Of electrons and atoms

Stirred together in a bowl

Unless the matter of control

Is lost.

Where did it go?

It will not begin to tell its tales

Without a press of the poly

Structured electric boards.

Sending waves through the unseen


Wait what can we do?

There is no way to alternate this

Teleporting face.

We can use the store in another unseen place!

To mimic our device

Lost and forgotten cadence!

Let the screen begin

Plasma floats,

With this new clone

This new remote.


Published by Ham Media

Founder. My mission is to bring to light, stories and ideas from all Biopoc and overlooked peoples from all facets of life.

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